Saint Mary's African Student Society.

Saint Mary's African Students Society is a society run by exuberant students about Africa. The society seeks to enlighten Saint Mary's University students and other people about Africa's vibrant cultures and long rich shared history. It also passionately diffuses the spirit of Africa through entertainment such as our annual gala Africa Night and informative means such as poetry night in the Saint Mary's University community and beyond. The society strives to shade awareness on matters involving social, educational, cultural and health disparities by participating or initiating community outreach programs. Saint Mary's African Student Society warmly welcomes everyone to experience Africa away from Africa.

Giving back to mother Africa

Saint Mary’s University’s African Students Society (SMASS) invites St. Mary’s Students to join us regardless of your culture, ethnicity or citizenship.

Our motto this year is ‘giving back to mother Africa’. SMASS has taken on a project to drill a well in an African country for an orphanage housing children who lost their parents through Ebola. All revenue we generate this year will be channelled to the drilling of this well.

We are looking to raise $12,000 and welcome any fundraising suggestions from current and future SMASS member.

This project is not just about us – though our good will which will be represented timelessly through a plaque that will be installed during a ceremony at the completion of the well drilling and associated pump construction. Rather, this project is an opportunity for us, as humans of earth to help our brothers and sisters in Africa.

We will from this year on, have the pleasure of knowing that s plaque on a well somewhere in Africa states “this well was donated by SMASS in June 2015”. We hope this experience brings added value as part f your educational journey while you are a student at Saint Mary’s University and we hope it will be the start of many similar projects in future.

Please join us as we launch the fundraising for this humanitarian cause.